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“Cohesive force, create the future together”


“Cohesive force, create the future together”

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2018/06/04 10:05

Early summer, our company organized two days' outdoor activities for the whole staffs. The theme of this activity is "Cohesive force, create the future together".

There is no perfect individual, but perfect team.On the first day,the team members experienced drums with balls, archery, Gobang, super ventilators, and post station transmission information.Through these activities, aim to strengthen team consciousness,enhance communication between various departments ,release work pressure and improve employee's enthusiasm.Breaking the invisible barriers of communication existing in interpersonal relationships and deepening mutual intimacy and trust.In teamwork, dedication, cooperation and courage are indispensable.The execution of the team can be strengthened.It is of great benefit to the future work.


At the dinner party, the people toasted each other.General Chen  made a speech and he hopes that LANCE would have a good progress in the future.


On the second day, all the staffs visited the Yixing temple.


Visiting the temple can help people put down the pressure of life and work,which is a good place to cultivate your body and mind.


In the end , hunting the treasure in LongChi mountain was the finale activity.

Only  each team member completes the various levels of tasks under the leadership of the team leader,can they get the decoding hints,and just with these tips they may get treasure.


This activity is a test not only for physical , but also for intelligence for all employees.This project is not a single fight, still need the team members to cooperate with each other, according to very few clues to find the treasure, only the team does not fall behind in the team, the team can be the victory.It is worth mentioning that,the Crayfish team won the victory after lots of failure.The experience of the "Crayfish Team" tells us that to maintain a peace of mind and hard work will eventually pay off.


Solidarity is a force that enables the entire team to act as a machine in an orderly and harmonious manner.Only if everyone can be strict with himself and set an example, can he gradually improve his work efficiency and maintain a positive attitude towards work.A good professional must have a passionate state of excitement.And this passion is contagious, an excellent team should be like the burning fire of the same vitality and fighting power. Only in this way, can we make our enterprise bigger and stronger, and then become industry benchmarks in the near future.


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