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Automobile lights, language confluence, driving safety is guaranteed


Automobile lights, language confluence, driving safety is guaranteed

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2017/09/14 10:33

Often drive if you know some about automobile lamp signal knowledge? In fact, the lights also have their own language. With the use of the car you can bring a lot of convenience, and owners can also understand each other more, but also better deal with emergency incidents.

Automobile light language

1, after the car does not go before the green light signals: headlights flashed at the crossroads of the car, when the lights, sometimes encountered before the car was. Perhaps novice, nervous hand tide, slow start, perhaps the former car driver did not pay attention to changes in the lights, such as red lights when distracted. When we encounter this situation, it is obviously not appropriate to honk the horn. We can use flash headlights instead of rude speakers. The headlights flashed, under normal circumstances, before the car will realise that if nothing happened again flashed, avoid continuous flashing headlights, this is not respect for people, easy to cause the front car driver rebellious mood.

2, to meet the vehicle and road lamp signal: headlights flash headlights flash refused to agree, in the elevated or highway and some ordinary roads, often encountered in the lane and road, elevated turn mouth, traffic to pass alternatively. In this case, if the communication between the car and the car is not ideal, it is likely to cause car collision accident. On the road or traffic intersection and sections, each other is very dangerous, and road car must not be forced to change, when the car is prompted to change lanes, agree with each other to change, or reject the request of the other party, after the car must give each other a clear indication.

3, find nearby vehicle problem signals: headlights flashing three to pull over and check the lights to remind. If you find any problems near your car, you can continue to flash three headlights ahead of the car, and so on, before the driver noticed the lights, then flash three headlights. Of course, if someone flashes three headlights to you, you should also notice. Maybe something is wrong with your car. The rear car is giving you a good reminder.

4, after the car with the car too close signals: stage bright brake lights on the highway driving, to maintain an appropriate safe distance is an efficient way to avoid the accident, but sometimes some people love the car with high speed, and keep a relatively close distance, in this case, before the car drivers will be part of the effort to disperse attention after the car, not to worry about the car will not because the brake is not timely hit myself. At this time, the former car will find a way to give the car a warning, tell the car not to follow their own, and then use the brake light.

5, night lights flash lamp signal: encountered strong eyes remind two headlights, double flash expressed dissatisfaction, driving at night all the most headache thing is to meet the headlights opened in the end of the meeting this guy, not switching lights at night in the process of driving behavior It is often seen. In fact, the evening drive in the city, the road in most cases have good lighting, there is no need to open the headlights brightly. And in the road lighting is not very ideal section, headlights in the end, is an important factor in causing accidents.

6, to remind pedestrians or non motor vehicle lamp signal: continuous flashing headlights, suddenly near light beam, the night at the pedestrian crossing the road and electric bicycle has brought great security risk to non motor vehicle driving. At this time, we can only use stroboscopic headlamps to discourage. Pedestrian and non motor vehicle collisions with cars to avoid crossing. In another case, pedestrians or non motorized vehicles are unable to judge the speed and distance at night and are likely to risk crossing the road. At this time, with the change to discourage more effective way of high beam headlight. High beam irradiation distance, light intensity.

7, entry alley or blind vision signals need to be careful: Flash three auxiliary headlights, honking, South or North alley alleys are relatively easy to produce blind vision, this alley to the car or pedestrians are unable to perceive the alley or lane to car. So it is necessary to enter the small alley of the driver, the best flash three headlights. To remind the car or pedestrian attention. Some drivers go into alleys or alleys and enjoy high beams, which they think will serve as a warning. In fact, the idea is wrong, because many pedestrians or drivers can not rely on light to judge distance. So the flash warning is much better than the high beam.

Summary: the car is not pure said driving on the line, but also learn to use light to communicate, car lighting language is a very important driving technology, the owner can change of light to remind other vehicles and pedestrians. At present, many owners only let the lights for the eyes lighting, and lighting can also help drive, improve the safety of driving.

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